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Shoes Atelier
Master Craftsman Jacek Kamiński

The Artistic Shoes Atelier was set up in 1943 by Brunon Kamiński. Presently it is run by his nephew, Jacek Kamiński. In 1979 he started learning the trade in the shop, in 1983 passed the exam finishing his apprenticeship and in 1986 passed the exam for the title of Master Craftsman. It is his intention to pursue the good tradition of his old master, who taught him that:
"in a shoe everything has to fit".
To name only a few of Master Craftsman Jacek Kamiński’s achievements – he made shoes for numerous films, theatrical and opera performances in Poland and abroad, ex. "Ogniem i mieczem", "Potop", "Pan Tadeusz" and recently "Pragnienie miłości" and "The Pianist" by Roman Polański.
Jacek Kamiński’s made-to-order shoes are a display of great skill, especially when they are meant to look like genuine shoes from a particular era.
Below are presented examples of shoes made for films, theatres, operas and individual clients.
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